Manifesting (creation) is stupid! 

 March 26, 2022

By  Laszlo

Based on a true story...

"I can't create anything! I manifest in vain, simply nothing, but nothing comes! And for a while now I don't even start to plan, because every time I end up having to settle for this!"

Eva (let's call her that) is an employee. She has been working for more than 5 years in a factory where she loves her boss and loves the others. The atmosphere is good! She is also thinking about having more free time and, not least, more money. Preferably while having fun and not having to pay too much attention to it. A kind of passive income.


I often find myself in this situation, in my own life too! Even though I've been teaching the Philosophy of ThetaHealing for 6 years now, manifesting requires constant attention.

As I mentioned Eve works in a factory. That means she shows up at work at least 4 times a week and picks up work. Since she has been working there for at least 5 years and has no complaints about her work, you would think she would be good at what she does. So he shows up, in the morning, goes to her place and does her job. And for that he gets recognition every day, in the form of money too. She' s working for pay. We already know she' s having a good time here. She likes her boss too, she's never had a boss like that before.

She often wishes she had more money and more free time. She made plans. Like a good investment in a property that can then be rented out! Or a food truck to sell home cooked food! Wonderful things, by the way. She has also already planned to buy the flat and then it will be really good. There is some experience with the food truck, but not much really.

When we started talking, one two things stood out in her story. One was that she looks forward to the weekend because that's when she can really relax. During the week there's work. Getting up and going to bed on time, and work is not relaxing, to say it mildly!

There is always more... Read more!

Eve's mind has put together a wonderful loop! which of course has many more ingredients than I have just described! But you could see it in her as soon as we started to go deeper! One of her desires to work in a workplace with a good community was fulfilled! Not her favorite place to work, but one of the safest places to work. A secure job with a salary, nice people. That was one of her biggest wishes before, by the way! But new desires are still full of fears. what will happen? How will the tens of millions for that property be found? How will I relax if I have to work in the food truck on weekends? What will happen to the people I love to spend time with? How will I have more money when I'm behind on clients? And a thousand other conundrums.

One of the things that quickly emerged from the discussion was that the mind feels safe in what it knows. And the mind, unless it knows no other options, seeks only certainty! What the mind accepts as safe. If it's walking 20 km a day, it is. If it's 4 hours a day in front of the TV, it is. And all other dangers!!!! Of course, it uses practices that are designed to make sure that we don't even accidentally leave safety.

With new ideas, it takes a lot more "fighting" at first. It must deploy more tools. Later on, it is enough to just flash "It can't be done anyway!". "You can't do it!" Or, "You'll never make it!"

Then we often believe it to be the truth and don't even take the courage or energy to see what's behind it!

As we chatted with Eva, it soon became clear that the strong desire to work in a nice place and the security that comes with a monthly salary is not just about convenience. She certainly created that! That was her desire before! And it worked so well that he forgot that fact. Because it is an important building block. The other desires are different. The reason the above is such an important element is because if you don't realize that SHE created this, but her focus is on "This is no good anymore", then her mind will use this against herself! And NOT sabotage! She has simply created a program that #1: Stick with what you know, #2: What makes you think your next desire will be better than this one! Stick to point #1!

 The next step was also interesting. Eve said that investing in housing, for example, would be good for her, but only once she owns it. You have to buy it! Which seems like a logical step, right? But the real message of this is "more money = more of what you have now"! Because it is the logical thing to do! But what about now? Tiredness, less money, than she wants, more busy, harder life.... etc. etc. Because that's what she sees from what she has now. And his mind's response to that is clear: "You don't really think that either?????!!!! Let it go! You can't do that!" And similar with the food truck, but the mind doesn't really need to argue anymore. It's enough to play the "tiring" card. It's simply that Eve's attention no longer takes into account the fact that she created it. She created it, she is part of the process. What was created from an idea and emotions alongside it. And most importantly, IT SUCCESSED!

And then, is there a solution???? Or are we all at the mercy of mind games anyway?

I guess you have already guessed, dear reader. We are not at the mercy of the mind, but under its protection! A HUGE DIFFERENCE! If you look at it this way, you can see why the "step out of your comfort zone" type approaches don't really work! Your mind is judging EVERYTHING out of your comfort zone that is out of the ordinary! And then it goes all in! But really everything! And because of that, anything that is not part of that comfort zone cannot survive.

One important thing in manifestation is to have an idea of what you want! Know what it is that you most want! World peace is a nice thing, but it can also be such a big mouthful for you that you come up with 10 things off the top of your head as to why it's not workable! And then you stop creation in its tracks! If YOU don't believe in it or don't know what it is that YOU want, then how can the Universe organize for you? More precisely, it will organize what you emit in the form of vibrations!

Same with how much you believe in yourself? Which let's face it, it's a group distortion! Eve's desires were disarmed by her mind with the same thing. (So it's a self defense mechanism!) And over the last 3 years she has been dismantling her desires step by step. In fact, in one step her mind has even further secured the situation: "you are not good for this!"

I should have recorded on video the look on Eve's face when we looked at the present from a different perspective!

  • When she realised that her workplace was really her creation and what she gets out of working there.
  • How false the image is that she can't create, but she lives in what she dreamed before, only she believed that she couldn't create more.
  • How untrue it is that she is not good enough, or that she is not skillful enough, or that she has no faith, even though she goes to work every morning. She puts energy and action into something she does. In the morning, instead of wondering if she knows what she's supposed to do and if she can do it, she goes and does it. So she has absolute faith, she just didn't realise it.
  • Also, she already knows what it feels like to have something she can't see, can't grasp, that she can be happy and joyful about. Take, for example, the agreement that she gets paid for her work. Not up front, but afterwards. So she believes that her work is valuable. And when she receives the notification at the beginning of the month that her salary has been paid, there is a feeling of recognition, of joy, of security.

So she' s actually already doing all the manifesting she needs to do anyway! She doesn't have to learn anything because she's already doing it. She doesn't need to fulfill thousands of conditions before she can achieve them, because she is already present in her life! "ONLY" the focus needs to shift.

  • Know what she wants and why!
  • Know that the way things are going to work out is that as soon as she finds it, the Universe, God or star-spider will start to organize for it to manifest in physical reality.
  • To know that as she discovers what feelings will make her life different, or more of the same, is an expression of true intention! We don't "get" what we express in words and not when we express it, but what we express in vibration, energy, feelings and when it truly arrives at the best time for us.
  • To know when it arrives, to have faith that it will all truly materialize, and the best one can do is to unleash the form of materialization.
  • To accept that it is possible, and to be ready to remember again that there is no difference between the Creator of All, the Source, Jehovah or Christ, and us!
  • And also, to know, see, believe, accept that she has a huge part to play in it all! She starts the process!

Eve may not yet have believed in all probability that it would really happen that way. But her mind can no longer lull her to sleep with the same faith as before.

Neither can YOU!

Just as you recognize where, when and why you believed your mind was in control and knew better!

Just as You have your experiences, arguments, knowledge, memories, and are reminded of who You are!

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