How to Reconnect to Your Higher Self? 

 April 28, 2022

By  Laszlo

How to Reconnect to Your Higher Self?

One of the greatest gifts is to be reminded of how much you can do!

There is a term in ThetaHealing Philosophy called the Higher Self. A part of us that is intimately connected to our Soul. This part of you is most responsible for seeing your Soul's plan through. What the Soul's plan may be is a mystery until we come to the realization.

A common question is, why was I born here, at this time, and in this way? What is my purpose in life? Who am I? A little insight can be found in Dan Millman's book The life you were born to live.

Your Higher Self will help you make all your plans a reality. You plan them before you are born. You can read about this in many places, mostly in connection with Reincarnation, Karma. It is difficult to prove, but experiments have been done which have raised many questions. And, of course, they also provide a kind of explanation.

However, in the most extreme of the experiments, it is also found that children begin to "remember" around the age of 3. Around the age of 7, most of them lose these memories. How interesting - and not necessarily in a pejorative sense - is that in many cultures education starts around 6-7 years of age. There is also a lot of context in the fact that, as children, we encounter many more 'oddities'. These are often put by parents in the 'child's imagination is too intense' basket. If at all the child feels safe enough to dare to tell this at home.

Then "life" happens and for most people "something" kicks in again, around 35, or 40-45, or 50. A familiar desire appears. A feeling that seems to have always been there, but quietly. Sometimes it intensifies a little, sometimes it fades again.

How can I connect with my Higher Self? And why is that good?

Connection is an important term. Because this connection never goes away. Neither with the Higher Self, nor with the Creator of All, or Source, whoever you call it. Perhaps the correct phrase would be why it is better to build a "closer" connection, no?! Let's start with this:

  • By establishing a closer connection, thoughts become clearer.
  • It is easier to reach goals and targets.
  • "Inexplicable" situations make sense.
  • Understanding arrives.
  • Acceptance.
  • Cooperation.
  • Patience.
  • Blocked, stuck situations are shifted.
  • Dormant relationships awaken or wither away.
  • Answers to " whys" arrive.
  • The picture becomes clearer.
  • There are fewer shadowy blurs.
  • Reasons to take even greater risks become stronger.
  • It's easier to set boundaries.
  • It becomes easier to choose what to keep and what not to keep.
  • It becomes easier to find the ones you move on with.

And the list goes on and on. I think it's important to add that the Higher Self and the Personality, the Ego, of the physical plane are not the same. Your Higher Self is the part of your Soul with which you have a constant relationship, which assists the activity of your Personality, your Ego. As such, think of it as a more "tangible" part of your Soul. Something that knows WHO you are. Someone who has thousands and thousands of life experiences.

So I think it is definitely worth making this connection as close and as active as possible!


Find a quiet place for yourself.

Close your eyes.

Listen to your breath.

Slow down.

Both inhaling and exhaling.

Just listen.

You don't have to do anything.

The thoughts can stay, the feelings can stay.

But if you get distracted, then listen to your breathing again.

Imagine a beam of light coming from the Earth.

And you see yourself in this beam of light.

Still paying attention to your breath.

Imagine that this beam is pleasant to you, but also that the light is moving through your body.



You can't really see where.

Imagine it's going towards infinity.

You continue to see yourself in this light.

The light gets brighter and brighter.

It's completely white.

It's not hurtful!

Now imagine that the Creator or Source of All is supporting you in this process.

Think of your connection with your Higher Self being more active.


"My connection with my Higher Self is active! Thank you!

Stay in this state as long as it is comfortable.

Stay in this beam of light as long as you want.

It is always there!

Slowly listen to your breathing again.

Slowly open your eyes.

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