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What happens when you face a task you've never met before?

What distinguishes average people from those who successfully live their lives?

Why is it so hard to quit a disease? 

Is it possible to reach a condition where everything is fulfilled? 

Maybe. Sometimes the solution is a lot easier than we may think, but you gotta be careful. The first step is to get closer to ourselves. This move often collides with an obstacle in our subconscious mind. Let's call these Thought Patterns for simplicity. Some of these patterns are created in our lives. Based on the behaviour of the people around us, based on their messages, and many times, other’s thoughts can influence us too. In addition, we also carry messages in other parts of our bodies. Like our DNA.  

Is it possible to read these patterns? Yes. The Root of a problem that has been prolonged for years is very often possible to solve with 1-3 sessions. Since we are all different, there is no universal answer key for any task.

While we are working together, I support you to recognize those blocking thought patterns that belong to one task, and replace it with something you will be able to find your way to a successful life.


gain clarity in your purpose

Get clear and focused on the goals and objectives that will radically change your life.

achieve a healthy body

With the sessions you will be able to find out, where and how you need to change your thought patterns in order to find the healthiest body as possible.

become successful in your life

Master how to put your focus to the place, you really want to be.  

Personalized Private sessions

You choose the topic, we will work  

By working together, I support you in recognizing the blocking thought patterns associated with a task, and we will replace it with one in which you will find the path to your success.


topic of your choice

25 min

Let's focus on what YOU need now…

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Session packages


Within the packages we will focus on different topics each time we are working.

These topics are for the structure, but we will focus on YOU to take the best steps in your development.

What is the structure of these sessions?

First, we will have a short call, to see which package you choose, and set up the schedule, and get to know each other a little bit.

After we find the first appointment, we will start working. We will figure also out the frequency of the sessions. Usually, we will take a week off between each session.


finances and performance

5 x 75 min

It is for YOU, if you wondering about these issues:

  • How to get more money?
  • How to take the next step in my business?
  • Should I start my own business?
  • Why am I afraid of being successful?
  • How to create the impossible?

The Package Topics we will focus on:

  • Mapping the thoughts and limitations incorporated with money.
  • Creating a long-lasting, meaningful vision.
  • How to set up my focus, and create action steps.
  • Being ready to be successful.
  • Creating the impossible!
USD | EUR 744.00 | 5 sessions


emotional balance

5 X 75 MIN

It is for YOU, if you wondering about these issues:

  • How could I become more relaxed?
  • Is it possible to maintain my health?
  • Could anyone know its own purpose?
  • Is it possible to get over my fears?
  • How can I become less anxious?

The Package Topics we will focus on:

  • Mapping the thoughts and limitations around being safe.
  • Creating Trust.
  • Creating Inner-Balance.
  • Rediscover the Inner-Compass.
  • Being ready to take actions in harmony.
USD | EUR 744.00 | 5 sessions



5 X 75 MIN

It is for YOU, if you wondering about these issues:x

  • Who am I?
  • What is my role here?
  • Can I become accepted?
  • How can I find my significant other?
  • How to get to know trustworthy people?

The Package Topics we will focus on:

  • How to get to know trustworthy people?Mapping the thoughts and limitations around Returning to Myself.
  • Creating friendship with myself.
  • Re-discovering my path.
  • Let's be ready to invite your Significant Other.
  • Creating order within my Inner Circles.
USD | EUR 744.00 | 5 sessions

how do SESSIONS work?

Step 1: We’ll identify what you want to change

It's important to find what you want to change. Even if it seems to be a short time to make greater changes in a given area, we can achieve fast and thorough results by taking the opportunity and take responsibility.

Step 2: We’ll identify and understand the limiting beliefs

Once we find the tasks that are necessary for change, we can also find the parts that limiting the transformation. When exploring the beliefs, we look at both sides. Why is it limited and why is it good at the same time?!

Step 3: We’ll create new thoughts and patterns

In the most conversation-based session, we can also create new thoughts and emotional patterns through the fast learning ability of the brain. These limiting beliefs can be overwritten by this ability.

Step 4: We’ll create new habits, reinforcing the new thoughts, achieving new goals

New thoughts and emotional patterns can really integrate into everyday life and create new habits, if that we can strengthen them with action and we practice it. During the session, we are also will take care about this.

Ready to change your life?


If you've gotten to the point where you've noticed, you're not on the road you want, but maybe you're not entirely sure which is the best direction for you or you want to change any of your life area, then contact me! We'll find a perfect time for both of us for a personal session.

The Session can happen personally or online (e.g. Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, Teleport).

Contact me!

Are you looking to take yourself, your team or business to the next level?

I can select different programs for your own team of friends, or cooperation within my portfolio, but we can also organize tailor-made workshops, presentations, mindset programs for groups and consultations for groups and individuals as well.

If you would like to know more information about these, or how to tailor them for your business and/or personal life, we ask you to provide some information by filling out the form.

I would like to talk to YOU, and find out what works (or what actually doesn’t) and find together what's best for you and your business!

We hope to see you in person soon!

With Love and Gratitude, 


László Rém or anyone who shows up on this page has no medical education. We're not diagnosing. We do not prescribe any treatment or medicine or any other supplements. László Rém is an official ThetaHealing Certification of Science -  Master Instructor and Practitioner, HeartMath coach and Reiki Master. Keep in mind that everything that said in a session, treatment, course are suggestions! You have to make your own decision, which is your own responsibility! Everything that said in a session does not replace or overwrite any medical diagnosis, treatment.