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A mastermind group is a peer-to-peer mentoring group used to help members solve problems with the input and advice of other group members.

A peer advisory group gives you the opportunity to work with people who are in a similar field, dealing with similar problems as you.

An advisory group helps you to work with like-minded people in similar fields and with similar tasks.

Their peer advisory groups have helped them achieve greater business success through the processes of confirmation, collaboration, confidentiality, and connections.

  • Confirmation: 
    In the advisory groups, we work on thematic issues, where group members share their experiences with each other. There is an opportunity for everyone to ask questions and get advice. The group provides support rather than criticism and acts as an internal consultant, providing fresh ideas.
  • Collaboration: 
    Team members come from a wide variety of backgrounds, so each group is unique, where members of the group can also form business alliances with each other. These partnerships can even bring new perspectives to existing services and products.
  • Confidentiality: 
    The groups are fully respectful of what is said in the group meetings. Whether they are of a business or personal nature. They build strong bonds with other members and return to their own working environment with renewed vigour and drive.
  • Connections: 
    The networking capital of those in the group is invaluable. Members get to know each other in a supportive environment during group meetings. And this trust is of great value in business.


  • Learning from each other.
  • Openness and honesty.
  • Diversity.
  • On the values of the MasterMind and PAG advisory groups:
    • We learn from each other faster and better.
      By sharing their stories and experiences, the members of the advisory group inspire each other and draw out the ideas, creativity and wisdom of the participants. Outside perspectives provide additional ideas and solutions that benefit the whole group.

      Leaving high school, we are much more dependent on ourselves, which means gathering and processing information. There is also a pattern in adulthood where listening to each other's experiences makes it easier to learn new things and to change our outlook on life.

    • A willingness to be open and honest is essential
      The effectiveness of the group depends entirely on the willingness of the participants to share. Only when people talk openly about their business, finances and other sensitive issues will the group be at its best.

      Negative attitudes and criticism of other people's ideas are unacceptable and hinder the learning process. Group leaders provide an appropriate safe and supportive environment at all times.

      Bonding is strongest when members respect each other and have the patience and understanding to really listen to each other. When mutually supportive bonds are formed, group members develop in extraordinary ways.

    • It is advantageous if you are looking for partners outside your business.
      "The lonely field of leadership". While sayings are often true, you don't necessarily have to accept them as your own truth. It's not always an easy task, but one of the strongest attractions of advisory groups is that participants can form an advisory group with people from different backgrounds but at a similar level of decision-making.

      The most common practice is for managers to attend conferences and training courses relevant to their industry. Often competition is presented as the enemy and other areas as irrelevant. Experience has shown that it is from this perspective that stagnation and slow decline arise.

      Advisory groups are formed on the basis of experience. This has the advantage of diversity, and knowledge of other markets provides additional creative ideas and wise advice.


Learn in safe, trustworthy, honest and supportive advisory groups where your experience is an important asset.

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ThetaHealing Instructors

We welcome applications for this group from ThetaHealing Instructors who have completed at least the You and Creator Instructor Seminar.

ThetaHealing Practitioners

This group is open to ThetaHealing Practitioners who have completed at least the You and the Creator seminar.

Entrepreneurs No 1.

In this group, we welcome applications from entrepreneurs people who would like to start their own business.

Entrepreneurs No 2.

This group is for entrepreneurs with 1-3 years of entrepreneurial

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