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Many times, perhaps for lack of time or knowledge, you may feel that a change takes years of effort. This program will help you take that certain first step.

When you do something new, your brain learns. It records actions so you can do it more easily later. When you do this often enough, you are developing habits.

Contrary to misconceptions, every single day you are able to learn something new and develop the necessary programs for it!

If you don’t pay attention to this, the programs you have learned so far will work and make an impact on your everyday life.

BUT!!! Until then, in order to be able to develop Inner Balance within yourself, you need to make friends with the programs you use! If you value them as enemies, saboteurs, inferior, or the way you value them, you value yourself. You judge yourself. But you can't be in two places at once! Either you are in a state of judgment, in your transformation.

In this program, you can find the elements and steps that support the states of recognition, transformation, and creation.

We created the focus program(S)

If we simplify the big things in life, we can imagine 3 big groups that everyone wants to develop, Emotional lifePhysical fitness, health, Abundance, wealth.

To keep your life balanced, it’s worth putting these topics in order.

The mental health 



4 weeks | dayly exc.

Mental Health

Your mental health also includes the nature of your emotions, your intelligent resilience, and your social well-being. And these affect your thinking, emotions, and actions.

Create Inner Balance to live the fullest life possible!

The exercises in this Program will help you focus on what supports you. I will walk you through 4 stages over 4 weeks with simple, meditation-like exercises.

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  • The program consists of 4 weeks of daily tasks.


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The exercises are for prevention purpose only. They help you handle situations around you more easily and flexibly. It is neither a goal nor an intention to replace traditional treatments! When you feel that the burden is much greater on you than you would be able to cope on your own, I suggest you consult a healthcare professional.

László Rém or anyone who appears on this page does not have a medical degree. We do not diagnose. We do not prescribe any treatments, medications, or any other agents. László Rém is an official ThetaHealing™ Certification of Science Master Instructor and Consultant, HeartMath Mentor and Reiki Master.

I'd love to hear from you!

Want to take the next step towards success? Do you want to find solutions for yourself that bring simple but lasting change to your life?

You can choose from a variety of programs for you and your friends, as well as tailor-made workshops, mindset programs and personal consultations.

I'd like to have a talk with you to find out what works (or doesn't work), and together we can find what works best for you!

Hope to see you soon!

With Love and Gratitude,
László Rém 

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